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Paediatric First Aid Training (2 days)

Level 2 Award (2 days)

(For groups of up to 12 persons)

Our Level 2 Award in Paediatric First Aid training course is suitable for child minders, nursery, school staff and anybody who deals with children or who wants a more in depth course on paediatric first aid training for children and infants. The course meets the requirements of the Statutory Frame work for the Early Years foundation stage in regards to Paediatric Emergency First Aid training.

Why should you attend Paediatric First Aid Training?

Looking after children carries professional and moral responsibilities. Children and toddlers are more prone to accidents and illnesses and our 2 day Paediatric First Aid training course enhances the knowledge and skills of course participants in regard to their responsibilities and associated actions as Paediatric First Aiders.

Learning Outcomes for our Paediatric First Aid Training Course

By the end of the training session the course delegates will be able to:

  • Define their role as a paediatric emergency first aider and how to minimise risks to themselves and others.
  • Describe how to conduct a scene survey, a casualty assessment and call for help.
  • Demonstrate how to administer Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for children and infants using a mannequin doll.
  • Describe how to identify and treat a choking casualty with a partially and completely blocked airway.
  • Demonstrate how to control severe external bleeding.
  • Describe signs and symptoms of shock and how to manage a casualty who is in shock.
  • Describe how to manage a casualty with a burn and other minor injuries.
  • Describe the common types of fractures and how to manage a fracture, dislocation or a suspected head, back or neck injury.
  • Describe how to offer first aid to a child or infant with a foreign body in their eyes, ears or nose.
  • Describe how to recognise and manage illnesses such as sickle cell anaemia, diabetes, asthma, meningitis and febrile convulsions.
  • State the first aid protocols for handling burns, scalds, poisoning, bites and stings.

Course attendees will be provided with a Paediatric First Aid at Work certificate valid for 3 years. For those staff members who require First Aid at Work or Emergency First Aid at Work our company is also approved to deliver this these first aid courses.

How can we help with our First Aid Courses

We deliver approved first aid courses at your place of work or can arrange for a suitable training location. Our first aid courses meet the requirements of UK HSE and we are an approved centre to issue Level 2 and Level 3 awards in First Aid having met all the requirements in regards to our instructors, course materials and operational processes.

Our established Customer Charter and Quality Assurance programmes are designed to ensure that if you need first aid training our customer service, quality first aid training and fees will offer you cost effectiveness and value.

Contact us on 0333 016 4224 or E-mail us a  info@activefirstaidtraining.co.uk for further details on our first aid courses.

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